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Howard’s Way 12 Week Weight Loss Diet Plans for Men and Women

Howard’s Way Weight Loss Programmes are unlike any diet plan you have ever been on before!

There are no pills, drugs, appetite suppressants, quirky food items, mad exercises (although those that want to exercise can), and most of all – no confusion! You know EXACTLY what you can eat (our formula food) and EXACTLY what you cannot eat – regular food.

This makes shopping easy –you only need to buy toilet rolls and water, and eliminates temptation, the downfall of so many dieting efforts!

If you have a family to buy and cook for, you will find that by the second week of the program, it is easier and more pleasurable than usual. This is because you will want to be cooking them all the weird and wonderful meals you always meant to but never got around to.

That’s because right from the start on our formula you will not be feeling hungry, and after two weeks food stops being the ‘pull’ it usually is, your weight loss (as predicted) and your lack of hunger spurs you on to keep going, suddenly you can see that the light really is at the end of the tunnel.

How Do We Do This? There are two factors involved (well three actually!)

One: In our formula we give you enough vitamins, minerals, trace elements, in the form of a VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) to keep your body really healthy, but only enough calories to stop you slipping into ‘starvation mode’. Our ‘VLCD’ comes as Milk Shakes, Soups and Fruit Bars – enough choice to keep you supported, not so much you have to keep thinking ‘what you fancy’!

Starvation mode, would alert your body to burn fewer calories to make the fat on your body (your store of calories) last longer, the net result being you would lose weight slower!

Two: We all know that sticking to a diet regime can have its ups and downs emotionally and having support is what gets you through them. On your Howard’s Way 12 Week Weight Loss Diet Plan, we assign you with your own fully medically trained Locum, who will be on the end of a phone or email supporting you all the way through your time on the programme. She will answer any questions you have, encourage you and teach all about food and your body.

Three: This is the fat on your body. Usually we think of this as an unwanted addition to our figure, but it’s really our body’s way of storing excess calories eaten, for that rainy day. Unfortunately, in our part of the world that ‘rainy day’ when there’s not enough food to survive rarely comes so we have to ‘diet’ to reduce it every now and again when we have accumulated too much.

The Mechanics: Once you fill in our registration forms, our medical statement and pay your deposit (fully refundable if you then decide not to go ahead), we ask you ‘who’ is going to be testing your urine (for ketone levels) for you, which flavours of Formulas Food you know you will never want (you might loathe Chicken or Strawberry), we will then send you two weeks of food and your assigned Locum’s name and contact details. You will then be ready to start losing weight and feeling better about yourself!

Once you have been on the diet for 7 days you will have established that you ‘Can’ do it, despite any doubts you had. Furthermore, you will have got to really build a relationship with your Locum, tasted all the flavours of products and be ready to order the next delivery of food to continue. This ensures it will arrive before you run out of your initial delivery.

From then on is plain sailing until you reach the weight you really want to be, if you do as your Locum advises you really will lose a stone every 4 weeks you are on the programme. This means right from the start you can calculate how long you will be dieting to get back to that body you want to have.

YOU WILL BE: Healthy – Losing 1 Stone (6kg) every 4 weeks – Not Hungry – Supported – Saving Money


Lose 3 stones in 12 weeks.

We supply everything.


The Food

(which includes all your R.D.I. of vitamins and minerals)

Delivery To Your Door


The Support You Need


Our 25* years Of Experience

For just £88.20 per week

You can get the figure you really want

(most people spend more than this on food & drink per week!)


Howard’s Way 12 Week Weight Loss Diet Plans for Men and Women 

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* Question: What does our ‘Guarantee’ mean?

* Answer: We tell you how many weeks you will need to be on the our Programme to reach your desired goal, if when you reach that date you have not reached your target we will support you FREE OF CHARGE until you have reached your target.