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Reversal of Type
II Diabetes

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

Medics are aware now that you can reverse or prevent most Type 2 Diabetes by sticking to a Very Low Calorie Diet for just 8 weeks.

Penelope Howard has been advising of this for many years but now, at last, the medical profession have listened!

What they don’t mention of course is the information of how hard it is to stick to dieting without the correct support!

Common Signs of Impending Type 2 Diabetes (but there are many more):

Dry Mouth – Blurred Vision – Fatigue – Feeling Hungry still after eating.

Could that be you?

Many, many people are pre-diabetic and blissfully unaware (or ignoring it), when you push your body over the edge and start getting symptoms DON’T IGNORE THEM – it’s not too late to reverse the process and return to good health.


All our patients have at their fingertips the means of getting a NUTRITIONALLY SAFE Very Low Calorie Diet AND all the support we know you need to succeed!

There is so much to tell…….

We are a small company, based in Croxley Green, that started in 1992 helping obese patients lose their weight in what for them, was a ‘manageable amount of time’ i.e. one stone every 4 weeks.

To achieve this we gave our patients a Very Low Calorie Diet Food (in the form of shakes and soups + bars) and they consumed nothing else.

Everyone finds it difficult to stick with a diet for long which is why we have such a strong support ethos, tailored to the individuals needs.

In those early days we sent everyone to their G.P. before they started and every four weeks they continued on the ‘programme’. Purely because so little was known and understood about the effects of a VLCD used over a lengthy period. (It was not unusual for a patient of ours to have 15 stones to lose).

During that first 10 years we found (with the G.P.s monitoring their patients) that there were no unwanted side effects, just weight loss and an improvement in overall health and self esteem.

However what we did start to notice was, of the patients who had started the programme having been diagnosed as suffering from Type 2 Diabetes, many who completed their 12th week (that’s when their 3rd ‘follow up’ medical check with their G.P. was), found they were no longer diabetic. Their Type 2 Diabetes had been reversed.

A few years later, Swedish Doctors discovered and published the same findings. They put it at 8 weeks for a Very Low Calorie Diet to reverse Type 2 Diabetes. More recently the United Kingdom’s Medical profession have asserted the same.

If you have already been diagnosed as having Type 2 Diabetes or if you have any (or all) of the above symptoms, you are heading in the wrong direction and the only way to reverse it is to lose significant weight on a low carbohydrate type diet, such as the ‘Howard’s Way VLCD programme’

So to summarise for you:

On our programme for a minimum of 12 weeks (8 weeks dieting + 4 weeks re-introducing regular foods back into your diet) you could lose a minimum of 2 + stones (probably more!) In that time the probability is that you would also reverse your Type 2 Diabetes. (we cannot claim 100%, there is always the possibility that someone will appear who does not!) Therefore you WILL NEED to have 2 – 3 stones that you are happy to lose.

To proceed we would like you to tell us:

  • How tall you are:
  • How much you currently weigh:
  • What prescribed medication you take (if any) and what the dosage is.
  • Any surgery you have had in the last 12 months.

Take control today to reverse your Type 2 Diabetes with Howard’s Way Very Low Calorie Diet.

If you have questions, or just want to get started on your road to recovery EMAIL OR CALL US NOW info@howardsway.co.uk 01923 773851