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No Hunger


Howard’s Way Weight Loss Programme is unlike any weight loss regime you have ever been on before!

No hunger when on a diet? Surely not, it makes sense, if you eat less food than you are used to your body is going to experience hunger isn’t it? When you’ve cut back before on other types of diets you’ve felt hungry and thought about nothing but food haven’t you? So, how can we claim that you won’t on our programme?

Well, it’s not down to us, it’s all down to the wonderful way you own body works.

Most of us assume that ‘hunger’ comes from having a stomach that is less full than usual. Not so, it’s far more primeval than that.

The reality is, it has little to do with your stomach, and everything to do with your brain.

There are several reasons your brain triggers an urge to eat.

1: You have been SNACKING on refined carbohydrates which convert to blood sugar too quickly and result in an artificially raised amount of blood sugar in your blood stream, which, thanks to the reaction of your Pancreas and Insulin, in turn results in a very low level of sugar in your blood stream (hypoglycaemia)! The only way to overcome this is:

a) to go to sleep for an hour while it passes, or

b) get some more refined carbohydrate (sweets, chocolate, cake, pies, biscuits, crisps, sugary drinks etc.) very quickly, so this is what your brain urges you to do. The main drawback being, once again this only lasts as a remedy for approximately 10 – 20 minutes when once again you are feeling HUNGRY. N.B. (This repetitive behaviour is what eventually leads to Diabetes type II)


2: Poor Nutrition: If number ‘2’ does not apply to you, your perceived hunger may be that your brain knows you are not getting enough actual ‘nutrition’ and is urging you to ‘try harder’!

3: This is a big one – DEHYDRATION: So many people mistake the ‘need for fluid message’ their brain is sending, because they have become so unfamiliar with it and used to ignoring it. Your body needs an intake of at least 2 litres (3.5 pints) of useable fluid a day to carry out all the important tasks it has to maintain. Not once a day all in one go, but drunk at regular intervals throughout the day. Check the colour of your urine, if it’s yellow you’re dehydrated! It should be clear with a yellowish tinge (Unless you’ve eaten beetroot, then it will be pink for a while!) Don’t confuse the need for more fluid with ‘hunger’!

4: STRESS: Familiar stressful situations that we put ourselves through, benefit from an ‘extra’ dose of Serotonin. We just ‘know’ without thinking about it that
approaching or in the midst of one of our personal stress situations a good convenient dose of refined carbohydrate, will make us feel ever so slightly, more able to cope (that’s because of the additional Serotonin we release with raised blood sugar levels).

5: HABIT: If you are used to reaching for that ‘little something’ at a certain time of day – elevenses, on way home from work, filling up at petrol station, watching t.v.; then your brain will send you a strong reminder (like an alarm clock). You only have to ignore it for a few days/sessions and it will change the blueprint! – Habit gone!

6: Then there’s the personal one – you THINK you haven’t eaten much so you MUST be hungry. Don’t fool yourself, you’re probably not.
There are more ‘triggers’ to hunger – smell for one, visuals (adverts on tv. for another) but you get the idea?

If you restrict food to a specified routine, below a certain number of daily calories, PROVIDING you are getting all the nutrition your body needs (quality, not the same as quantity), if you take in sufficient fluid every day, you own body will not bother with any unecessary ‘hunger drives’!

The fat on your body (that you want so desperately to use up and be rid of) is an excellent source of immediate calories and energy. All you need is additional nutrition – protein, vitamins, minerals and all your trace elements. These you will get in plentiful supply in the Howard’s Way Formula Food.

Follow the programme as your dedicated Howard’s Way Locum coaches you to and you will not be sidelined by perceived hunger, thus making your dieting experience so much easier.

Howard’s Way VLCD Weight Loss Programme works without hunger – Contact us today