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Structured ‘Refeeding’ Is Very Important – It Is The Key to Your Weight Loss Success

A key part of your longer term  weight loss success is keeping it off once you have lost it – and you need to start this straight away.

So, when you have lost all the weight you want to lose with us, we do not advise you to just start eating regular food again for 2 main reasons:

1. After 2 weeks on any diet your metabolic rate will have dropped by 15%. If you were to consume fatty or starchy foods too soon you would store them all as fat and become very bloated.

You need to introduce  low glycaemic foods initially (mainly proteins) to allow you to gradually start eating everyday foods again in a controlled manner and to bring your metabolic rate up to what is normal for your new weight. Then more gradually add in the safer carbohydrates and fats.

2. Another reason for reintroducing foods back into your diet in a controlled way is so you can LEARN what YOUR body is not happy with!

Re-introducing certain foods slowly at this time gives you the unique opportunity to establish for yourself what your body doesn’t tolerate well.

Structured Refeeding Programme

To ensure you have all the support you need for this very important ‘transition period’, we have a very successful ‘Structured Refeeding Programme’ for you.

It consists of modules, each one introducing additional types and quantities of food. You may stay in each module until you feel secure in moving on to the next. Many of our patients elect to do each module for 2 weeks each, but we also have patients who have done one week in each and fared just as well -  it’s a personal choice.

To aid your transition from Formula Food to Regular Food, we have many meal replacement products to help you. But some of the time we encourage you to purchase fresh food from your local shops.

Our ‘Meal Replacements’ are also very useful in helping you maintain your weight loss success longer term and  you can buy them from us as and when required.

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