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The Support We Give You

The Key Ingredient For Your Weight Loss Success

At Howard’s Way we understand that dieting can be boring and lonely, not to mention anti-social – if dieting were easy none of us would be overweight!

The Howard’s Way Programme overcomes that for you!

As soon as your first box of food is dispatched to you, you are assigned a Howard’s Way Locum, who will be your support throughout your dieting AND into the future to help you keep your lost weight off.

Remember, there’s no extra charges – you pay only for your food.

Your Howard’s Way Locum:

  • will be your friend, guide, confidante and mentor
  • any questions you have – she will answer
  • any concerns you have – she will help you resolve
  • you will book regular slots to talk on the phone at times that suit you but, should you need her, she will be available 24 hours 7 days a week
  • during your regular phone calls – she will  give you helpful guidance and tips for when you have finished losing your weight and need to make some adjustments to your eating patterns
  • when you have reached the weight you wanted to be – she will guide you through the careful transition from  Howard’s Way Formula Food to regular but ‘safe’ eating.
  • We Don’t Believe Any Other UK Home Based Weight Loss Programme Offers You As Much Support!

You Can Lose Weight
And Save Money Too?
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What Is A VLCD?

It’s a diet that provides less than 800 Calories a day.

It’s NOT THE SAME as meal replacements that you can find in the Chemists or Supermarket!