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 Howard’s Way Weight Program – Keri’s Story

Healthy Weight Loss

Choose Howard’s Way as the Healthy Way to Lose Weight

You want to lose weight at least partly for your health’s sake?

But you hear that some weight loss diets have health risks too?

Puzzled?  Worried?  Not sure what to do?

OK – First, The Bad News

Yes, we agree that being seriously overweight can be very bad for your health.

Yes, rapid dieting and weight loss can cause health risks if not done safely.

Now The Good News

  • Howard’s Way has been designed with your healthy weight loss as a top priority
  • Thousands of our patients have lost large amounts of weight safely. We have had NO ‘bad experiences’
  • We insist on medical certification before you start, and regular checks with your GP if appropriate for you during  your weight loss programme
  • Our specially developed diet food has all your nutritional requirements and provides a healthy way to lose weight
  • We remain closely in touch  with you – daily initially and at least weekly through your programme to ensure your heath  and progress
  • You can call your Howard’s Way Locum at any time for advice
  • Howard’s Way can also help you lose large amounts of weight safely, without surgery and its attendant risks. Even weight surgery patients have used us too!

You can be sure that Howard’s Way is a safe and healthy way for you to lose weight successfully.

If you have any questions on healthy weight loss with Howard’s Way, please ring 01923 773851.

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