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Howard’s Way Very Low Calorie Diet Food

Enjoyable Meal Replacement Very Low Calorie Diet Food

Some of Howard's Way very low calorie diet food

Who Says Diet Food Has To Taste Terrible?

Not Howard’s Way patients anyway!

Our Meal Replacement Diet

Howard’s Way is a meal replacement diet using our own specially developed range of very low calorie diet food which meets all your nutritional requirements.

Used as a Total Food Replacement (TFR), it helps you move into a state of mild dietary ‘ketosis’*  after the initial 3-4 days, so obtaining optimum weight loss and (almost as good!) suppresses your hunger naturally!

(* Ketosis is when your body converts your fat into energy)

Our Very Low Calorie Diet Food

Our great range of very low calorie diet food is unique to Howard’s Way and not available ‘off the shelf’ from any other company.

In 1997, after spending many successful years working with obese patients in a weight loss programme using a V.L.C.D. (Very Low Calorie Diet), founder Penny Howard launched Howard’s Way with a new, specially developed range of very low calorie diet food to help more overweight people directly.

We still hold to Penny’s strong principles regarding the food that we (and our patients) eat, and control its quality accordingly. For example, our soya (the main source of protein) is certified non genetically modified.

Cost has never been an issue. We have included only the very best quality ingredients – and wherever possible, only organic ones are used. We have also made many changes (some small, some greater) over the years following the advice and requests of our many patients.

We feel very proud of the quality of our foods and consider them to be first class diet food products.  They were recently reviewed by a distinguished food industry expert who said, “You won’t find a better quality product at a better price.”

More importantly, our patients enjoy them and this helps you stick to your weight loss programme and so lose stone after stone in weight.

Our Diet Food Range

For your initial weight loss, you have a choice of 11 different foods

-  4 different flavoured milkshakes (Chocolate, Strawberry, Butterscotch and Vanilla),

- 3 kinds of soups (Vegetable, Tomato and Chicken), and

- 4 flavours of bars (Chocolate, Pineapple, Cherry & Almond and Banana).

All our diet foods are suitable for vegetarians.

Our Maintenance Range

We also have seven Maintenance products we offer to those who join our maintenance groups or just want to keep on track of things and are maintaining all their lost weight with a combination of food.

Something To Look Forward To

“When I was on the Howard’s Way diet, I really looked forward to my nice hot Tomato Soup when I sat down in the evenings to watch EastEnders! I sometimes still do just to keep my weight under check!”

“My favourite was my Strawberry Milk Shake mixed with ice cubes when I got home in the afternoons after picking the kids up from school!” 

Very Low calorie diet milk shakes Howard's Way very low calorie diet food - soup

Howard's Way

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