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Your Home Weight Loss Programme

Lose Weight at Home with Our 1-2-1 Weight Loss Programme

  • Lose weight in the privacy and convenience of your own home
  • Proven weight loss programme
  • Very high success rate even where you have previous bad experience with failed diets
  • Guaranteed weight loss
  • 1-2-1 counselling support with your own highly experienced Howard’s Way ‘Locum’

What could be more convenient and easier than that?

Our 1-2-1 Home Weight Loss Programme is designed for people who are desperate to lose weight, but just haven’t got the spare time to attend meetings. We deliver our high quality “Howard’s Way” weight loss programme direct to you by courier, email and telephone!

Howard's Way

How It Works

  1. Enrol
    You enrol on your programme initially for the number of weeks we quote you plus 2 (or, if you want to lose more than 3 stones, plus 4 as your refeeding programme takes longer).  You pay on enrollment only for the first 2 weeks food – and this is 100% refundable if you then decide not to proceed
  2. Medical Checks
    If you have any medical issues, you have a full medical check with your G.P. before starting the ‘programme’.  (If you have none, then you may opt to sign a Self Certificate of Health – We give you the paperwork for either)
  3. Urine and Weight Checks
    Whilst on the Howard’ Way Programme, we check your urine for ketones regularly. This is to ensure that you are in continued good health throughout your time on the programme – your urine can tell us a lot about that.
    We ask for your urine to be checked every day the first week, and twice a week for the following 3 weeks;  only after that can we reduce it to once a week. That is because everyone is different, and we need to establish early on what readings are ‘normal’ for you.
    It is recommended you attend your surgery and get a qualified professional  to supervise you with the urine and weight checks but there are alternatives:

    • Many of our patients get a ‘reliable friend’ to do them, esepcially if you know someone who is in the nursing profession for instance, who could do it for you
    • The urine sticks are quite easy to read and we would just need a ‘number’ written on your sheet, BUT we don’t advise or accept the patient doing it themselves. Whoever will be doing your urine checks will need to sign a form to confirm that they understand the need for factual reporting, and that your good health could be dependent upon it.
    • Please note that, if the person you elect to do the testing of your urine is not a professional in the medical field, then we cannot guarantee your weight loss over a specific number of weeks, although you would probably still lose that amount
    • Your weigh ins, if not done at the surgery, can be done on a set of scales which produce printed weight tickets.
      Some doctors’ surgeries now provide these for their patients’ use, otherwise stores such as Tesco or Boots generally have such scales in store, you just then need to send your tickets through with your 4 weekly medical, for your Locum to verify against your weight record sheet. Again, not being able to produce printouts of weights; or a certified record from a professional, means that we cannot guarantee your specific weight loss over the stated number of weeks, although you would probably still lose that amount
  4. Locum
    You are assigned your dedicated Howard’s Way ‘Locum’ and you agree your start date with them
  • After the first week, you order your next batch of the diet foods you prefer – this can be 4 weeks’ worth with free delivery (recommended!) – or 2 weeks’ worth with a standard courier delivery charge.  You then order more food as you need to in 4 or 2 week amounts. This second order and all subsequent orders can now include any of the 4 flavoured bars if you choose!
  1. First Food Parcel
    You receive your first food parcel  and important paperwork which your Locum will take you through at each contact. If you have more than 3 stones to lose, you will also receive the Howard’s Way Study Sessions to teach you all you need to know and understand to avoid putting weight back on after dieting
  2. Start Your Course
    You start your Howard’s Way diet using your choice of our 7 specially created Howard’s Way low calorie nutritional formula diet foods.  You do not eat any of your usual food or drink so you can save lots of shopping and money!
  3. Locum Support
    You have regular 1-2-1 sessions by phone with your Locum each week of your programme and even every day during your first week! Your Locum (or another experienced Locum ) will also be on call to you at all times for reassurance and support. We at Howard’s Way know how boring, lonely and antisocial dieting can be and how easy it is to ’slip’ and ‘lose the plot’, so you DO need the reassurance of continual contact.  This is a vital part of your programme to lose weight at home
  4. Ongoing Medical Checks
    If you did have any medical issues before starting your programme, you will continue to have 10 minute ‘follow up’ checks with your G.P. every 4 weeks that you are dieting
  5. Finish /Continue Dieting
    After your agreed number of dieting weeks, you can extend your programme to lose more weight at the same rate of weight loss or begin to return to a normal healthy diet with your refeeding  programme
  6. Your Return to Normal Eating
    You continue to receive your Locum support during your important return to normal eating (Refeeding) in the remaining weeks of your programme so you maintain your new weight
  7. Lifetime Support
    You become a lifetime member of “Howard’s Way” and may rejoin to lose more weight and/or receive FREE weekly maintenance advice and support at any time
  8. What It Costs
    Many people find they actually save money being on the Programme because of their reduced shopping and eating bills!
    You pay a small deposit to buy the first 2 weeks’ food, then buy more food 4 or 2 weekly – simple and affordable! See our What It Costs page.

Howard's Way

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