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Kim’s Story

My Howard’s Way Experience

Kim  before her weight loss success with Howard’s WayKim after her weight loss success with Howard’s Way

I first joined Howard’s Way in June 2000, weighing 90 kg and clothes size 22. Although I was a very active and fit person (going to the gym most days, sometimes twice a day and running and doing two or three energy cycling classes a week) my weight had got out of hand whilst pregnant with my two children due to complications whilst pregnant and me being on steroids for 4 years.

I Tried Other Diets

I had heard about Howard’s Way through a friend whose wife had lost over 4 stone with them. Up to that point I had tried everything and was convinced that no diet worked for me. I was fine on all the other diets I had tried up to a certain weight and then I would stick. I have since realised that the only reason my weight stuck was because I had started to eat unhealthily again.

Starting  with Howard’s Way

I started Howard’s Way being very skeptical and convinced that once I got to that certain weight my weight would once again stick, just like it had on all my previous other diets. I was also convinced that I would get the shakes and feel terrible, which is something that happens to me if I have not eaten for a while, and hence I would have to give up the diet as it would not be for me.

But what a surprise I had once I started. The first 3 days were hard but I managed to get through them with my daily phone calls to my locum and once the three days were over my energy levels went through the roof and I found the whole experience quite liberating and easy. The weight fell off me and once I reached my sticking weight I sailed right past it and carried on losing my excess weight.

It Was Easy

I think that I found the whole process easy because it was simple. I achieved my whole weight loss on chocolate shakes and nothing else. This made it easy for me because there was no thinking what meals to have. There was nothing easier than three TFR a day and after 16 weeks I had reached my goal of 60 kg and had a total weight loss of 30kg.

I found drinking the 4 litres of water easy once I got into the habit of drinking it and in the July whilst I was doing the programme I even went on a family all-inclusive holiday. This I found easy because I was in ketosis and the amount of water I drank increased considerably to around 10 litres a day because of the heat.

After the Diet

So far 10 years on I have had a few times when I have needed to go back onto TFR and do a recovery programme but on the whole I have managed to keep most of the weight off. When I have needed to do recovery I have just rang my locum and she is happy to let me do the programme fitting in with me when I can see her etc.

My View of Howard’s Way

I think the Howard’s Way programme worked for me because I am an all or nothing kind of person. Since doing Howard’s Way I have learned what you can eat and what kinds of food you can eat to keep you on track and the information I received whilst doing the programme was a great help with this.

I feel comforted to know that Howard’s Way is there whenever I feel that I need to take control of my weight once again before it gets totally out of hand.


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Note: The amount of weight you lose and the rate of weight loss depends on your personal metabolism and how long you are on our Weight Loss Programme. It will vary from person to person…….Howard’s Way Team

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