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Personal Weight Loss Success Story With Help From Howard’s Way

Kelly before joining Howard's Way Kelly after joining Howard's Way

My name is Kelly,  I am 23 and a student.  I completed the Howard’s Way programme in December 2009.  I dieted with Total Food Replacement for 12 weeks and then undertook the refeeding programme for a further 4 weeks.

And What Was The Outcome?

Well , my statistics speak for themselves in terms of my success.  I lost 3 stones 11 lbs, 10 cm from my chest, 18 cm from my waist, 14 cm from my hips and 4 dress sizes.

The First Question Most People Ask Me Is, How Do I Feel Now?

This is best answered by first considering how I felt before – most obviously I felt fat and ugly but I also felt annoyed at myself for having let myself get to the size I was and ashamed for the same reason.  I was also massively in denial and the hardest part for me was admitting that I needed to change.

And now?  The truthful answer is that I feel amazing, as cliché as they may sound!! I also feel extremely proud of myself for achieving this hurdle and getting my weight under control. I feel in control of my life again and I feel excited about the next stage of my life.  I also feel supported by the Howard’s Way team as I move forward and continue my weight loss goals.

What About The Programme Itself?

Well I am going to be honest and say that I found it extremely difficult and trust me I have been through degree finals so I know what hard means!!  I was hungry at the beginning, although this does wear off slowly and the speed at which my body was changing did have slight side effects throughout.  However, these difficulties were dramatically outweighed by the joy of stepping on the scales and seeing the weight shed each week.

I think that surprisingly the hardest part for me was the emotional side. I was not mentally prepared for the emotions the programme took me through, both in owning up to my faults and in admitting how my size had made me feel.

Being a young girl at university I also struggled with the impact the diet had on my social life.  I realised how much a part of my life eating (and drinking?!) had become and initially I felt isolated from my friends.  However, after settling into a routine and changing my mindset, I found that it was still possible for me to attend all of my social engagements and enjoy myself, even without food and alcohol!

The Best Part Of The Programme For Me Was By Far The Weight Loss Help I Received From My Locums And The Rest Of My Group

Having a weekly group session became very important to me as an opportunity to share achievements or receive a much needed pick up from the other dieters.  The locums were on hand at all hours for weight loss help and had the answers to all questions, no matter how obscure the problem was.  Another important part for me was never feeling judged or embarrassed, only encouraged and motivated.  Obviously the speed at which the weight loss happened was a big help, as well as the fact that my life did not have to stop in terms of exercise, work and studying.

I Liked The Chocolate and Vanilla Weight Loss Shakes

In terms of the food replacements, preferences are clearly personal choice. However, I really enjoyed the chocolate and vanilla weight loss shakes and was also very grateful for the bars which were perfect for my busy life in university and work during the days where mixing up a shake could prove quite difficult.  I absolutely loved the maintenance bars too and still eat these on a regular basis now.  Drinking four litres of water never felt like a chore to me and it is something that I have kept up since finishing the programme.  Importantly for me I was able to continue exercising three days a week and study through my exams, without ever suffering from overtiredness or lack of concentration.

Where Am I Now?

I still have a bit of weight that I would like to lose and am doing this with the continued free support of the locums, with whom I check in once a fortnight.

My future excites me now, with lots of opportunities ahead which seemed like obstacles before.  My confidence has grown infinitely and having achieved this success I feel like I could conquer anything now.  I left the 16 weeks feeling equipped to deal with food in everyday life because I understand my issues with food and the effects that certain foods can have.  This will prove an important weapon in going forward.

My Advice To You

My advice to you therefore is that if you are considering it, give Howard’s Way a try.  Sure it will be hard but the results are unbelievable.  The programme is tailored to you and the support is unprecedented in any other diet I have tried.

Participating in the programme really did change my life and the achievement really is something that will stay with me forever.  Don’t be that person that thinks they cannot do it because they love food too much or do not have the willpower – I was that girl and now I have a happy, hopeful and slim future ahead of me!


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Note: The amount of weight you lose and the rate of weight loss depends on your personal metabolism and how long you are on our Weight Loss Programme. It will vary from person to person…….Howard’s Way Team

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