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Melanie Boucher

Personal Weight Loss Success Story With Help From Howard’s Way

Melanie before her weight loss help from Howard’s Way Melanie after her weight loss help from Howard’s Way

Melanie’s Story

After seeing photos of myself on holiday with my friend who had previously done Howard’s Way, I said I really must do something about my weight. I was feeling so fat and desperate!

My friend showed me her before and after pictures and I was amazed at the difference. My main incentive was that I knew I was going to be getting married in the near future.

Starting Howard’s Way

I called Howard’s Way, asked some questions over the phone, booked an appointment and went along to sign up. They explained to me that because I wasn’t BMI 30, I could join the group but they couldn’t let me start on the programme until week four. This was so I finished the 12 weeks with everyone else (other than those who wanted to diet longer than that).

Even though I wasn’t actually starting on the programme I had to attend all the meetings and I must say I found this really helpful and very encouraging, as I could see how well everyone was doing and although I wasn’t dieting, I really did feel part of it all.

I Found It So Easy Compared with Other Dieting Plans

I found the programme so easy! I have tried all other dieting plans, but this was the best.

My meetings were really informative, very supportive and we had a good laugh as well. Everyone is in the same boat and understands what you are doing. I felt we were all going through the same emotions and feelings. Even though we were all shapes and sizes.

Since Finishing, I Have Felt So Well!

Since finishing, I have felt so well! Beforehand I always felt dowdy, now, I feel GREAT! If I wasn’t still coming to get weighed each week, I know I would have fallen by the wayside by now.

Things just got better! My partner proposed to me and we got married 1st May 2010……….what a lovely day! My picture says it all.

At my hen night I felt a million dollars! I wore a beautiful green/peacock colour dress and EVERYONE commented on how good I looked. When I think that this is six months after I had finished losing my weight and people are still giving me compliments on how GOOD I LOOK!

Howard’s Way Locums

I must finish off by saying, the encouragement and support given by Howard’s Way locums, even after you finish the course and are just popping in to get weighed is wonderful, because you are never criticised. Even if you come along and you have put on a bit of weight, they give you help and encouragement to take it off again, you are never made to feel like a failure.


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Note: The amount of weight you lose and the rate of weight loss depends on your personal metabolism and how long you are on our Weight Loss Programme. It will vary from person to person………….Howard’s Way Team

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