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Shelley’s Story

I Lost Nine and a Half Stones

Shelley before she managed to lose weight fast with Howard’s Way

Shelley after she managed to lose weight fast with Howard’s Way Shelley after she managed to lose weight fast with Howard’s Way

My name is Shelley and I’m a 32 year old leading a happy, healthy and active life.

However….if you had met me in early May last year this would have been a very different story… I was not happy, not healthy and definitely not active! I was heavily overweight with a BMI 50!!

I had tried lots of well known diets

I knew I needed to lose weight but like many, had tried lots of well known diets and maybe in the beginning did okay, lost a little weight but soon found I couldn’t stick to the diet requirements. I found myself putting on more weight than before I started!!

“Helpppppp!” I silently cried at the time. I didn’t know where to start, I was very down, tired, lethargic and in a real rut. Then, by sheer luck, I was told of a weight loss programme that worked! And there started my life changing story.

Starting with Howard’s Way

I took the first step and contacted Howard’s Way. For someone with such weight issues it’s not an easy thing, admitting you need the help and to finally seek it after ignoring it for years!

I was not, I am relieved to say, met with tuts and sighs and “ooh, you have got a lot to lose!” and then promptly told how much I should weigh and that with a 1 – 2 lb loss a week you should be there in 2 years……

Thankfully no, I was met with a cheery smile and an “it’s nice to meet you, what would you like to do to change your life?” with no talk of target weights and the dreaded “normal”!!!

Fantastic, I was finally talking to someone who understood, was interested in me and would teach me how to manage my issues with food. I had an in depth consultation with a Howard’s Way Locum and was told all about TFR (Total Food Replacement). No food!! My goodness, I thought at the time, it sounds very strict?? But as it was explained to me by my Locum, TFR contains everything your body needs to stay healthy throughout your weight loss and you won’t be hungry!! Wow, I thought, a diet where you’re not hungry!…

This is the easiest diet I have ever done

Well, I can honestly say, hand on heart, this is the easiest diet I have ever done. I was never hungry!! Amazing!! In fact the hardest thing is to keep coming up with excuses for friends on why you can’t meet them for lunch or would love to see them but not for dinner, just a coffee would be great.

I completed 29 weeks on TFR and lost 9 and a half stone. People ask me how I managed to go so long without food – and I tell them that I did have food, all the food my body needed to stay healthy and function to its optimum, the food just came in the form of milkshakes, soups and bars. TFR is an amazing way to safely drop your calorie intake so that your body goes into a mild dietary ketosis and uses your body’s fat stores for all the energy it needs.

Not just about losing weight

But losing weight is not the only thing Howard’s Way help you with. You have weekly study sessions which teach you all about food and nutrition, how to make healthy choices and how to manage food cravings. I feel that I now understand and am in control of my weight, my life and my future.

Whilst on TFR I completed a Masters in Animal Manipulation and I am sure TFR helped my mind to be clearer and more focused during the written work (obviously the practical was also much easier!!).

Now that I’ve lost the weight I’ve been able to get involved in sport again. I’ve started with a personal trainer to tone the areas I’d like to see firmer and to improve my heart and lung function. I’ve also set myself some goals to achieve this year. In June I aim to run a 10k race, in July I’m swimming a mile in open water and in August, I’m climbing Ben Nevis.

I can’t wait!! The future looks bright, happy and healthy and I really do owe it to Howard’s Way and especially to Anne, my Locum, an invaluable friend with all the answers to my questions and a constant source of support to me throughout.


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Note: The amount of weight you lose and the rate of weight loss depends on your personal metabolism and how long you are on our Weight Loss Programme. It will vary from person to person…….Howard’s Way Team

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