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Emma’s Story

Three Stones in 12 Weeks

Emma losing three stone with Howard's Way

Emma realised in October 2008 she had to do something about her weight  – then she was 15 stone 7 pounds (98.5 kg) and at 5ft 2 inches (158 cm) tall, she had a BMI of 40.

A friend recommended Howard’s Way to her after losing 5 stones the previous year.  She spent ‘ages’ researching it then decided to go for it with Howard’s Way, starting on 25th October.

She decided to write a blog and to make a video snapshot diary too to record her progress.

Some extracts from her blog:

3 November:

Do other people consider me a cheat because I’ve chosen the relatively easy weight loss plan of a Very Low Calorie Diet instead of stomach crunches every morning? Probably. This diet is the easiest thing I’ve ever done – I don’t have to even think about cooking or washing up, and the weight is just falling off me. It’s probably considerably easier than surgery and involves considerably less risk, money and pain.

4 November:

I’m down to 14’9, which means that I’ve lost a stone already. I fit in to that top I’ve not worn since I brought it two years ago. My jeans need a belt. My boss said how good I was looking. For the first time since I honestly can’t remember when, I looked in the mirror and didn’t hate what I saw – do you have any idea what that can do for your self confidence!?!?

11 December:

I went to see my locum yesterday as a sort of ‘half way through’ check up. So these measurements are completely accurate and not subject to dodgy scales or wishful thinking.

In 7 weeks since I started I’ve gone from a hippo-tastic 15’10 to an aerodynamic 13’2! That’s 2 stone 8 pounds in 7 weeks! I’ve lost 13cm from my boobs, 11 from my tummy and 11 from my hips! Doors that I once had to navigate myself through I am now dancing through whilst shaking my considerably smaller booty.

7 January 2009:

I can’t WAIT to take my photo with my old trousers pulled out to show how much weight I’ve lost!!! At the start I thought those photos were slightly ridiculous and completely overused, but after an entire day surfing the net I’ve come to see them as the pinnacle of dieting success!

Howard’s Way actually made this whole thing pretty darned easy because they do meetings and medical checkups and phone support and other stuff like that which helps people like me who only make an effort when everything is laid out on a plate!

17 January 2009:

3 stone in 10 seconds

I think it’s seriously awesome! I look like a completely different person

It’s not all over from me, I still have 4 weeks of ‘refeeding’ to wean me slowly back on to normal food, and I still have loads to learn about what to avoid and how strong I am around various ‘trigger’ foods, but this is the end of phase one.

16 April 2009


It’s now a few months since I finished my diet.

I put on only 2lbs in that time, which is absolutely astounding

See Emma’s blog at http://watchingemmasweight.blogspot.com/ and watch her video here:

Emma – Filmed Losing Three Stone in 12 weeks

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