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Angie’s Story

How Angie Lost 4 Stones with Howard’s Way – And Came Back Again

Angie After Losing Weight and Before!

I first went to Penny in 1996 because I weighed over 12 stones and in four months I successfully lost over 4 stones. I kept the weight down for about 5 years; it went up a bit and then down again but I never put back all the weight I had lost.

I was so happy to have finally found a successful method of losing my weight that I became a counsellor for Howard’s Way.  I had been to Weight Watchers several times in the past, I had been to Slimming World, I had tried hypnosis, tablets and injections but nothing worked because I love food!

Working for Howard’s Way has two great benefits for me because:
(a) I am helping other people to lose their weight, and
(b) it is an incentive to keep my weight in control.

Having said that, in 2005 my Mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and it totally threw me. I became very depressed and turned to food for comfort. My weight crept up and up, and despite trying to lose it I was not successful. My Mother died in 2008 and I thought that would be the turning point for me but it was not because in the same year, two of my sons’ marriages broke up and this added to the depression and sadness I was suffering following the death of my Mother.

In February 2011 I decided enough was enough and got back on to the Howard’s Way programme – and it worked! I have lost all the extra weight I had put on; I am a size 10 and loving it! Being only 5′ tall, excess weight shows on me immediately but I am now in the enviable situation of having people telling me not to lose any more weight in case I look too thin – as if!!

Angie Kaye

Note: The amount of weight you lose and the rate of weight loss depends on your personal metabolism and how long you are on our Weight Loss Programme. It will vary from person to person…….Howard’s Way Team

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