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Alan’s Story – or How to Lose 6 Stones Weight and Save Pounds

Alan  before he managed to lose 6 stones in  weight with Howard’s Way Alan after he managed to lose 6 stones in  weight with Howard’s Way

After seeing how good my friend who had done Howard’s Way looked, I thought I would come along on the launch day which was arranged at the new Croxley Green centre to sign up and hear all about the programme.

After 9 weeks, I lost 4 stones and saved £2000

For me, saving this amount wasn’t really surprising as I knew I spent a lot each week on take away food and food shopping.

What I think makes the programme so successful is the strictness of the diet. You are told you cannot eat whilst you are on the programme under any circumstances. No mistakes can be made, because you know what you are allowed to have. There are no misunderstandings, as everything is laid out as clear as it possibly can be. It is very black and white.

I ripped out my old kitchen

As I had been planning on installing a new kitchen, I ripped out my old kitchen and threw it in the skip when I started the programme. Then I knew I wouldn’t need to cook, even if I was asked to, (friends of mine do ask, as I enjoy cooking and I am quite good at it) but this means I can say no without feeling guilty. I am half way through completing it and obviously it is so much easier doing this whilst I am not needing to cook for myself.

He didn’t recognize me

I couldn’t believe it when I went into a shop the other day and a chap in there I have known for years asked if my brother had been in before, he really didn’t know it was me!

After 18 weeks – 6 stones and lots of inches lost

I have now completed my 18 week group programme with Howard’s Way and have lost nearly 6 stones! This is after 14 weeks on TFR (Total Food Replacement), followed by 4 weeks of refeeding, where I have enjoyed the Maintenance bars, which I have with fruit and Greek yogurt, and also the Maintenance meals (I particularly like the Spicy Spaghetti and Shepherd’s Pie, but they also offer Chilli and Spaghetti Bolognese).

As well as my weight loss, I am also delighted to have lost 27 cms (10.5 ins) off my chest, 14 cms (5.5 ins) from my waist and 16 cms (just over 6 ins) off my hips.

I have nearly finished installing my new kitchen but have kept things quite simple by only cooking chicken during my refeeding (although I did enjoy a piece of steak the other night!) but obviously I can start to be a bit more adventurous once the kitchen is completed, using the ‘safe’ food ideas and choices which Howards Way have given me.

Since my first update, so many more people have failed to recognise me when they see me and I am getting so many texts from people who can’t believe how much weight I have lost!

I am going on holiday with the pounds I have saved

As I stated previously, I have also saved so much money during my time on TFR. I am really busy at work at the moment so no time for a holiday yet but I am looking forward to planning a holiday in the autumn and no need to worry about the cost with the savings I have made!


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Note: The amount of weight you lose and the rate of weight loss depends on your personal metabolism and how long you are on our Weight Loss Programme. It will vary from person to person…….Howard’s Way Team

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