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Diet Success Stories from  Howard’s Way

What do people who have tried it say about Howard’s Way diet programme?

“I loved this programme because it supplied everything that I needed! The food, which removed the hassle of shopping; the care and support, I needed to stick with it; but most of all, the ongoing support in Maintenance.”
Kim C… Hemel.


“The weight loss was incredible after so many years of trying and failing. However, the most lasting effect has been my heightened awareness of different foods that “Howard’s Way” has taught me.”
Jean M…Rickmansworth.


“I thought I would never be able to stick to another diet, yet after the first week it became easier than every other diet I have ever attempted. I am delighted with the results. The support I received in the group environment helped me realise I was not the only one having certain problems, and the Maintenance is second to none! It is so liberating to know that I will always have access to the support I need to keep my weight down for the rest of my life!”
Fiona B… Radlett


“This programme really does work! I was surprised how good I felt on the programme because I thought I would look drawn as most people on a low calorie regime seem so. The weight went evenly and proportionally, including to my joy, my legs! Discovering “Howard’s Way” TFR has empowered me to hopefully control my weight problem for the rest of my life.”
Pam St.C………….. Eastenders


“I lost nearly 5 stones in 2005 and, with ‘Howard’s Way’s’ help, I ‘found’ myself again. I have been able to maintain within sight of where I want to be since then.” (Went from BMI 34 to 24).
Louise M


“I lost nearly 4 stones in 2005 and continue to maintain at a level I am happy with. I am still able to get weighed and buy food with the same level of support I had when I first did the programme.”
Yvonne, Amersham


“I lost 3.5 stones in 2006 and, with ‘Howard’s Way’ help, I have been able to maintain the majority of this loss for a year now. I am so much happier in myself; I would not hesitate to recommend ‘Howard’s Way’ and, whilst doing the programme , I can honestly say I have never felt better. It has made me more aware of what I am eating now, so I am less likely to eat the wrong things.”
Katharine L, Croxley Green


I lost seven stones on a previous diet, but I never felt as good as I do on this and the support you get is fantastic!


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Note: The amount of weight you lose and the rate of weight loss depends on your personal metabolism and how long you are on our Weight Loss Programme. It will vary from person to person…….Howard’s Way Team

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