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Northants Evening Telegraph

Angela Dickson’s story


Angela Dickson watched the programme ‘Desparate Dieters’ on TV and decided there WAS hope!

Super-slimmer Angela, 38, is now able to fit into a svelte size 12 after shedding half her body weight from 21.5 stone by following a food replacement regime known as the Howard’s Way Program . Out went big bowls of pasta and bread and in came cereal bars, milkshakes, soups and litres of water.

Angela, who put on the weight gradually since her late 20s, had been a yo-yo dieter for many years and had even been contemplating the drastic measure of stomach surgery to lose the weight. She said: “I was so miserable, I even thought of having my stomach stapled, but the final straw was when my doctor said I was morbidly obese. I thought I have to do something as I want to see my children grow up.

At times during her diet. the mother of three, who works as a learning support tutor at a local Junior School in Corby, dropped a staggering seven pounds in a week. The weight loss was so rapid that Angela – who at the start of this year was squeezing into a size 24 – had to buy clothes from charity shops to fit her shrinking frame. She said: “There was no point buying new clothes as within three weeks I would need a new size. I have now thrown away all of my old clothes to make sure I don’t have a comfort zone and won’t be able to put them back on if my new clothes get a bit tight.”

She added: “IT WAS THE EASIEST DIET I HAVE EVER DONE. I DID NOT CHEAT EVEN ONCE, although I had dreams about it. It was just incredible to see the weight come off and I now feel great. People have even walked past me in the street because they have not recognised me.”

This is the slimmest her husband, James 47, has ever seen his wife, who weighed in at 15 stone when they married 14 years ago. He said: “I was never bothered about the weight. But when she got to around 18 stone I did start to worry about her health. I and all of the family are so proud of her.”

Angela is determined she won’t pile on the pounds again and is now following the healthy eating plan she learned at ‘Howard’s Way’ and burning off the calories with exercise classes four times a week.

Taken from Article by Sarah Fouracre Northants Evening Telegraph.

Note: The amount of weight you lose and the rate of weight loss depends on your personal metabolism and how long you are on our Weight Loss Programme. It will vary from person to person…….Howard’s Way Team

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