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Howard’s Way – Terms & Conditions

Our Formula Foods:

The Howard’s Way Diet Foods, which form a VLCD, contain a nutritionally balanced formula to ensure your ongoing health no matter how long you use them for.

They are to be used during weight loss as a Total Food Replacement, not just as a meal replacement. You should not have anything else to eat for the duration of your weight loss period. This includes any social occasions or periods that you may be away from home.

The calorie content of our Formula Food is 490 Ladies / 660 Gentlemen, and this is just enough to ensure that each patient will receive enough nutrition to be really fit and healthy whilst using their body fat to supply them with additional Calories.

Only fluids without Calories and or Citric Acid are permitted (Black Tea; Coffee; Peppermint Tea) whilst on the diet, and we ask you to attempt to drink 4 litres of water per day.

The Programme:

By signing up for the programme you are agreeing to:

  1. make all the scheduled support calls (i.e. your regular 15 – 20 minute call every week; an additional ten minute call in each of the first four weeks; plus every day during your first week) to your designated Locum.
    SHOULD YOU UNAVOIDABLY MISS YOUR APPOINTMENT to speak to your Locum, please call the office on:- 01923 773851 the very next morning to make a new appointment
  2. recognise the importance of accurate reporting of ketone levels and weight
  3. not to start the diet before having spoken first to your assigned Howard’s Way Locum.


If you needed a medical with your G.P. at the start, you are accepting that it is your responsibility to have the ‘Follow Up’ medicals every 4 weeks that you are on the diet. (Your Howard’s Way Locum will give you the prompt and the paperwork).

Your Food:

You are agreeing not to eat anything, other that the diet formulas given to you as part of this programme, for the full duration of the number of weeks you have elected to be on the diet.

Your Refeeding:

You understand that making the transition from Formula Food back to regular food, to guard against immediate rapid weight gain at the end of your weight loss, is important to you and that it HAS to be embarked upon from a state of ‘ketosis’.

Guaranteed Weight Loss:

Whilst most dieters will lose at least the amount we predict for them in the amount of time we predict, a small percentage (1%) of the population has a metabolic rate up to 20% slower than others. This small category of patients may find their weight loss does not reach the amount desired in the predicted amount of time. However, providing you have complied fully with the diet this will not affect your guarantee and you will be able to continue free of charge until it does.

Delivery Policy:

We ship your food order to you by Courier on a ‘next day’ basis Monday – Thursday. Orders dispatched Fridays will  normally arrive Monday, but can be delivered Saturday for an extra charge.

Cancellation Policy:

If you change you mind any monies paid will be refunded in full before any food is sent out by us.

Once food is dispatched,  no refunds are possible except where a medical form (supplied by us) is completed and signed by a patient’s G.P. to confirm that they have asked them  not to continue on the diet for newly developed medical reasons. In such a case, on return of remaining products, a pro rata amount for all complete weeks paid for, following the G.P.’s signature, will be refunded less a £15 handling fee. This will only apply within the 7 days following the patient having produced ketones in their urine to establish that they were complying with the diet until then.

Customer Service Contact:

Telephone: – 01923 773851

Email: – info@howardsway.co.uk

Address: – Howard’s Way, 19, Springfield Close, Croxley Green, Rickmanswowrth, Herts. WD3 3HG.

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