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Our Weight Management Support To You After Losing Weight

What Happens After My Losing Weight? What Support Do I Get?

We all know that losing weight can be a serious challenge.

Keeping it off once you have lost it can be equally difficult.  But yes, you still have us with you….

Your Weight Management Support from Howard’s Way

When you have successfully lost all the weight you want, and have completed your ‘Re-feeding’ programme, you become a lifetime member of Howard’s Way.

We are then still there for you to help you with your weight management at any time:

  • At the end of your diet, you will be offered a FREE 6 month ‘Maintenance Study’ where you will learn much more about your own individual reactions to certain foods and what foods to avoid; also how to follow a Low Glycaemic (G.I.) Diet, while still getting all the continual support from your Locum.   (The course involves some purchase of meal replacement foods)
  • As a lifetime member of Howard’s Way, you may rejoin to lose weight and/or receive weekly maintenance for advice and support at any time
  • Drop-In Maintenance -  You can drop into your local centre each week for a ‘drop-in maintenance’ session ABSOLUTELY FREE:  you can be weighed, talk, get advice, meet other dieter friends and buy extra meal replacements or maintenance foods N.B. You can continue to call us once every week for your FREE weight management advice and support for the rest of your life! THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR THIS!
  • Howard’s Way Maintenance Foods – You can choose from a tasty range of maintenance foods and snacks designed to help you with your weight management  whilst enjoying normal eating!

We suggest you still get weighed regularly, so we can help you keep a check on maintaining the NEW SLIMMER YOU! We always advise you to keep within a ‘Buffer Zone’ which is most suitable for you – usually around the 3kg / 7lbs mark and the regular contact with us will help you stay within this range.

We can advise you on the choices you will need to make in ‘the real world’ such as:

  • shopping
  • food diaries
  • what to feed the kids
  • eating out
  • exercise
  • going on holidays etc

and still help you maintain and keep focused on your achievements!

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