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So you:

  • have 1 stone or more weight to lose
  • have read all you need about us and
  • want to start losing all that weight…..

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This is a key step for you – you make a commitment to yourself to lose weight quickly, not just to Howard’s Way but, from now on, you get our support to help you stick to your promise to yourself.

Even better, your payment for the initial two weeks’ food (£176.40 for ladies and £235.20 for guys) is 100% refundable if you change your mind before you start your diet – so what have you got to lose? (well, besides the 1 stone or more that you really, really don’t want to keep…)Yes , I want to enrol now


Phone Us On 01923 773851

–For new patients 9.30-12.30 Mondays and Thursdays or leave a message, email or use our contact form and we shall ring you back. You can ask us any questions and join over the phone if you prefer.

What Happens Then?

  • We email your medical paperwork for you to complete / or have completed
  • (N.B. If you are generally of good health and not taking any significant prescribed medication, you will be able to ‘self certificate’ yourself.

    If you have some health issues or are on blood pressure medication we will need you to get our medical form completed by your G.P.  Note – This is for your benefit, to help us ensure you always get the best possible care. We find G.P.s  are normally very pleased to help as they can see you are doing something really positive for your health!)

  • You return your completed medical form by 1st class mail
  • Once we’ve received your payment via Bank Transfer, you call (or email) us
    and confirm your order for the first 2 weeks food. We send this to you by
    courier. We also give you the contact details for the Howard’s Way Locum that
    has been assigned to you
  • You speak with your Locum to get to know each other and agree when you are going start. She will answer any questions or explain anything you are not sure about and begin the 1-2-1 support that most of our patients find truly invaluable in succeeding to lose weight.

You are ready to start the exciting process of changing your life!

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Ask us how quickly you will lose the weight you want

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