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Your Guarantee

We Guarantee How Quickly You Will Lose the Weight You Want

How It Works

  • You tell us how much weight you want to lose
  • We tell you how long it will take you to lose it on the Howard’s Way programme!
  • If we are wrong and you don’t lose that amount of weight in that amount of time – you may continue free on the programme until you do!

How Can We Guarantee This?

1. Your Calorie Calculation:

  • The calories in our VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) formula food is exact; it never varies. So we know how many calories a day you will be consuming when on our programme
  • We also know how many calories a day you will be using (based on your current weight)
  • What calories you don’t get from eating, you will take from your fat store
  • If you take one away from the other it tells us how much you will be taking from your fat store every day. So we can then tell you how many days you need to lose the weight you want

2.  Our Support Helps to Stop You From ‘Cheating’:

  • The main reason for dieting failures is ‘cheating’ brought on by hunger, tiredness, headaches,  boredom, stress, emotions… to name but a few
  • Our carefully balanced formula food helps to reduce or even eliminate the first three
  • The level of support we give every individual is tailored to your needs, and helps to ensure your success in sticking to the diet when you may otherwise have ‘cheated’.

3. Our Track Record:

  • Our records show 98% of our Howard’s Way dieters lose all the weight they want to in the amount of time we predict for them.
  • Very occasionally we find someone who, for whatever reason, does genuinely have a ‘slow metabolic rate’
  • For this reason we know we can accurately predict for 98% of our dieters how long it will take them to lose the weight they choose
  • We are happy to have the remaining 2% prove us wrong and continue free until they have!

‘Knowing’ how long you will be dieting, gives you the freedom to plan the rest of your life!

Find out now how long it will take you to lose the weight YOU want to lose …..

What Have You Got To Lose?           (Apart From Your Unwanted Weight!)

You Can Lose Weight
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Our Guarantee to You

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