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Weight Loss Motivation for Men – Brian Pascoe’s Story

Have You Tried Other Diets And Failed?

On Howard’s Way You Won’t!

98% of All Dieters That Started Our Programme Lost All the Weight They Wanted!

  • Our ‘second to none’ support is what enables you to succeed
  • Often on diets ‘boredom’ or ‘hunger’ strikes and, when it does, the ‘cheating’ starts
  • Howard’s Way Diet is formulated in such a way that it has ALL the nutrition you will need but you will not be feeling ‘hungry’
  • Our second to none Support from your dedicated Howard’s Way Locum ensures you will not be feeling ‘bored’.

The enthusiasm and motivation most of our dieters experience with their new found energy, and the sheer thrill of being a little bit lighter every day, is the reason we can boast that 98% of all dieters that join the Howard’s Way programme lose all the weight they want to.

Read some of our Success Stories to see for yourself.

Losing Weight with Howard’s Way VLCD

It’s widely accepted that a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) is one of the fastest ways of losing weight!

However, there are good and bad in everything, and VLCDs are no exception:

  • What should be important to you is that while you are losing your weight, you also take good care of your health too!
  • Diet food doesn’t have to taste bad, but it shouldn’t be of poor quality either. In a recent review of our food, a distinguished industry expert said “You won’t find a better quality product at a better price”.

Ask us how quickly you can lose the weight you want

You Can Lose Weight
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