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 Howard’s Way Weight Program – Keri’s Story

Busy Life, No Time To Diet?

With Howard’s Way You Have!

Normally dieting takes a lot of your time and attention:

  • planning meals
  • counting calories
  • what to eat when the supermarket is shut
  • what to eat when going to a restaurant
  • how will you get to your weight loss group on time
  • etc. etc. and so it goes …

This can be stressful, time consuming and the reason your dieting efforts fail.

Too Busy Or Simply Don’t Want All This Hassle?

At Howard’s Way we believe dieting should be pleasurable, after all, the end result is pure joy, so we should expect the journey getting there to be enjoyable too.

You may work long hours, or do shift work, or work away from home and simply don’t have the necessary time to spend on all this dieting stuff – and your weight creeps up.

On the Howard’s Way Weight Loss Programme you don’t have to interrupt your routine at all. We take care of things for you:

  • We count the Calories, so you don’t have to!
  • We deliver your food to your door, so you don’t have to get to the shops!
  • We tell you what to eat, so you don’t have to do any planning!
  • We give you all the support you need, at a time that suits you!

AND as we’ve told you how long you will be dieting, you are able to plan ahead with confidence!

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