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Have You Been Refused Surgery?

And Told Not To Come Back Until You Have Lost Weight?

Penelope Howard has a solution for you!

With all the ‘cutbacks’ we keep hearing about, more and more people who are BMI 30 or above are being refused surgery on the N.H.S. for hip and knee replacements, operations of the ankles & toes, gall bladder removals etc.

We are constantly hearing that, when they get to see their surgeon, they are told – “Go away and come back when you have lost 3 stones (or more)!”

Now, just as we know this makes sense in regards to the risks associated with surgery and its possible complications, when you are in physical pain it can seem like a huge rejection!

None of us has made the conscious decision to be obese, so suddenly being told to lose such a large amount before you can look forward to being free of pain can feel very daunting and distressing. The very thought of having to lose that much weight seems as if you will never get back onto that surgeon’s list!

There Is A Solution!

The Howard’s Way VLCD (Very Low Caloried Diet) is probably the best way forward for you!

It will give you: -

  • the freedom to plan and look forward to and book your operation, as we can predict for you how long it will take you on our programme to reach your target weight
  • all the nutrition you need to keep you healthy whilst you lose your excess weight
  • spare cash – you don’t have to buy any other food (most people save money while on our programme)
  • spare time – you won’t have to go shopping for food, we deliver it to your door
  • constant 1-2-1 support available to help you stick to the diet and turn up on time for that operation!

“I Don’t Believe Any Other UK Based Weight Loss Programme Gives You More!”
Penelope Howard
November 2011

You Can Lose Weight
And Save Money Too?
Our Guarantee to You

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What Is A VLCD?

It’s a diet that provides less than 800 Calories a day.

It’s NOT THE SAME as meal replacements that you can find in the Chemists or Supermarket!