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About Howard’s Way Weight Loss Programme

Helping People Lose Weight since 1992

The Howard’s Way Weight Loss Programme was created by Penelope (Penny) Howard, who has had a weight problem herself all her life.  In 1992, Penny decided she needed to lose 6 stones and succeeded.  She went on to help others lose weight in a similar fashion in that same year.

Three Key Factors to Losing Weight

Penny realised that if overweight people were to succeed in losing weight they required three vital factors:

  • support in the form of a third party ensuring that they stuck to their diet
  • a healthy, convenient diet food that would maximise their weight loss, and so minimise the length of time on the diet!
  • any such diet food needed to be pleasant and varied if the diet was to be adhered to for long enough to reach the desired goal of a healthy weight.

Howard’s Way Weight Loss Programme

Penny partnered a world-renowned food developer to develop her range of special diet food. With this, plus her personal and professional experience, she launched what we now know as the Howard’s Way Weight Loss Programme and has helped thousands of seriously overweight people to lose weight successfully.

As the programme grew and many more patients had access to it, it became much too much for Penny  to manage and run by herself. There is now a large team working in and for “Howard’s Way”, to ensure that you get all the care and attention that you need.

Importantly, everyone who works for Howard’s Way has had a serious weight problem themselves and have been successful in losing weight using the Howard’s Way approach.  This means they know it works and are there to help and guide you though every step of losing your weight quickly and safely to help you to use it to transform your life.

Losing Weight Successfully

Since our formal set up in May ’98, we have helped literally thousands of people lose stones of weight, the majority of whom have gone on until they reached the weight they were happy with. This often meant shedding 5 – 6 stones. We have several patients who have lost as much as 15 stones!

Local Weight Loss Groups

We also have 4 weight loss centres. If you feel you would rather lose your weight in a Group of other dieters, please call us on 01923 773851 and we can advise you of our nearest.

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