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Medical Problems?

You May Still Be Able To Lose Your Weight With Howard’s Way!

You may feel that you have a ‘medical condition’ that would prevent you from losing weight using a Very Low Calorie Diet, and you don’t want to ask your doctor?

At Howard’s Way we take your health very seriously.

Being overweight (i.e. BMI 26 or over) is generally considered not good for anyone, and it undoubtably puts ‘extra’ strain on your heart. If you have a medical problem that is already compromising your health, then being overweight as well is not good!

How can you find out if it’s appropriate for you?

In our years of helping people lose weight we have witnessed most medical conditions and treatments in our patients but, of course, each patient is an individual. There are some medical conditions that would be compromised by being on a VLCD.

Here is a general guide:-

Not Affected:

If you are taking prescribed medication for:

Thyroid, Asthma, Digestive Upsets, Type II Diabetes (non Insulin), PolyCystic Ovaries, Gout, Arthritis, Skin Problems

there is no problem and you would be accepted for the programme.

Affected, and You Would Need to Consult Your G.P or Surgeon:

If you are taking prescribed medication, or being treated for:

High Blood Pressure, Epilepsy p.m., Gastric Surgery/Band

you would need to have your G.P. monitor you to adjust your medication/band as your weight diminishes.

You would be asked to have a Full Medical with your G.P, before being accepted on the programme, but don’t worry we will give you all the necessary paperwork for your doctor.

Seriously Affected, and a VLCD Would Not Be Suitable For You:

If you are taking prescribed medication, have had, or being treated for:

Heart Surgery, Epilepsy g.m., Unstable Angina, Stroke, Anorexia, Liver Disease, Kidney Disease, an Active Carcinoma, Diabetes (Insulin Supported)

we are happy to advise you.

Just call us on 01923 773851 or email us on info@howardsway.co.uk and we will be happy to discuss this further with you.

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