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Will The Weight Stay Off ?

The Best Way to Lose Weight Is Permanently

95% of all dieters regain all their lost weight (and more besides) within 12 months!
(Department of Health figures)

Losing weight requires commitment and effort. People find it disheartening to see weight regain occur and the resulting negative feelings can lead to abandonment of weight management efforts.

The question most people seem to echo these days is:

“Won’t I just put it all back on again afterwards?”

What About Howard’s Way Dieters?

Keeping lost weight at bay depends upon how much and what you eat on a regular basis. If you return to old habits / eating patterns after dieting, there can be only one outcome…

At Howard’s Way, we emphasise the chronic nature of obesity and the importance of lifelong weight management for patients.

You are encouraged to:

  • make sustainable changes to both your  diet and physical activities, and
  • continue to monitor your  weight with us by attending regular drop-ins or phone-ins, so that awareness of any weight regain can be tracked and addressed before it becomes a problem.

In particular:

  • we have a course of monthly ‘Maintenance’ meetings for all our dieters!
  • you can attend our Weekly ‘Maintenance’ drop-ins where you can get advice, monitoring and support absolutely FREE!
  • however, from time to time, ‘Life’ itself can crowd in on all of us and we can easily ‘lose the plot’. If this occurs, we have a fast track minimum 6 weeks plus the 4 weeks re-feeding ‘Recovery’ programme, to shift regained weight before you let it go completely out of control.

Patients who have attended the maintenance meetings and have regular, free drop-ins have proven that this is the most reliable method for keeping your weight down to a manageable maximum of 7lb (3 kilos) increase.

The best way to lose weight is permanently!

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