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What is a VLCD?

Howard’s Way is a Very Low Calorie Diet

A “Very Low Calorie Diet” (VLCD) is defined as a product that delivers less than 800 Calories per day.

VLCD’s are formulated, nutritionally complete, liquid meals containing the recommended daily requirements for vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fatty acids and protein.

Very low calorie diet products are usually a powder which is mixed with water, juice or other low calorie liquids. A VLCD should never be undertaken without medical supervision. Very Low Calorie Diets are used to help obese people achieve significant, short-term weight loss as part of a comprehensive weight loss programme that also typically includes nutrition counselling and exercise.

Howard’s Way Very Low Calorie Diet

The Howard’s Way Very Low Calorie Diet , which we commonly refer to as “ TFR” (Total Food Replacement) is a medically-supervised diet plan that produces rapid and safe weight loss. Our meal replacements are specially formulated to contain ample vitamins, minerals and trace elements, so all your nutritional requirements are fully met.

We refer to it as TFR to constantly remind our patients that it is just that: a ‘TOTAL’ food replacement. This means that you eat NOTHING ELSE WHATSOEVER to ensure you are producing the correct response in your body and maintaining optimum health as you lose your weight.

Since you usually only consume between 400-800 calories a day, you can expect to lose weight quickly but safely. Throughout the Howard’s Way programme, we counsel you on nutrition and the effects of various food types on your body.

Exercise & Your Very Low Calorie Diet

We leave exercise up to your choice. It will help you ‘tone’ and feel even better. It is a good habit to get into and it does keep most away from tempting food, but it does not make a significant difference to your weight loss whilst on our programme.

So, if you like it: go ahead! If it fills you with dread, or you just don’t have the time, nobody here will attempt to coerce you!


Other Meal Replacements?

VLCD formulas are not the same as the meal replacements you can find at supermarkets or pharmacies, which are meant to substitute for one or two meals a day.

These over-the-counter meal replacements such as bars, or shakes should account for only part of one’s daily calorie intake and never be used as a Very Low Calorie Diet.

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