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‘Cambridge Diet’ Type VLCDs – How to Choose

The Cambridge Diet Was the First VLCD in the UK But Now There Are Over 20

The Cambridge Diet was the first VLCD (very Low Calorie Diet) available in the UK.

Since that launch in 1984, a lot of progress has been made on the usage of VLCDs. The

  • level of nutrition required
  • number of calories per day needed
  • vital trace elements
  • daily amount of fluid intake

have all had over 25 years for further study and refining since Dr Alan Howard first worked with a Very Low Calorie Diet in a Cambridge hospital.

Problems With An Unsupported ‘Cambridge Diet’ (VLCD)

In the early 1990’s it became increasingly obvious that anyone needing to stick to a VLCD for more than 4 weeks (That’s anyone with more than 1 stone to lose) were unlikely to be able to go it alone and succeed:

  • the very reason each of us becomes overweight is because we are not good at controlling what we eat
  • being on a diet does not change that
  • when you go on a diet, if you are to succeed, you need support.

VLCDs Available – How to Choose

As a result of the good work done on the Cambridge Diet all those years ago, there are now more than 20 VLCDs available.

However, beware – the majority of them are imported, and made by the same one company with different names printed on the label!

Like everything else in life, there are ‘good’ ones, ‘not so good’ ones and ‘poor’ ones.

How are you supposed to tell the difference?

  • Remember, you are choosing a FOOD to live on. (VLCDs are designed to be used without any other food!) A ‘FOOD’ that therefore has to keep you healthy whilst you lose your excess weight
  • Just as when you go to the supermarket to buy your regular food, or the health shop to buy supplements YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR – no more, sometimes less!
  • Don’t just go for the cheapest. Cheap does not always mean a wonderful bargain. It could mean the product was made with low grade ingredients – how else could it be ‘cheap’? Living for more than a couple of weeks on an inferior product is likely to make you ill.
  • NOBODY in the UK diet industry can afford to charge too much for their ‘product’; in this economic climate, they would go out of business quite quickly. Look carefully at what you would get for your money.

Look at the following to make a sound judgement:

  • packaging – Do the images of their sachets and bars look identical to several others, so is it an imported product?
  • support – Do they offer any, and is it the kind of support you would like?
  • price – Remember you WILL only get what you pay for
  • costs versus savings  - You will not be buying any other food, so a ‘good’ VLCD programme should only cost you what you are saving!

Howard’s Way Programme:

  • has been developed, like other VLCDs, from the original Cambridge Diet concept
  • is produced in this country exclusively for us
  • contains NO additives, and is made of only the best quality ingredients which includes our vitamins and minerals
  • gives you substantial 1-2-1 support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you require
  • costs more than some, but less than others. (Our costs go on ingredients and support personnel. We do not have fancy adverts, a large corporate building, or any ‘middlemen’ to support.)
  • works out as cheaper than what most people tell us they spend on food, drinks, snacks and socialising each week, so you end up saving money!



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