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 Howard’s Way Weight Program – Keri’s Story

Compare Howard’s Way Costs

How Can I Compare Howard’s Way Costs to Other Diet Plans?

You Need to Compare Like With Like:

  • Howards Way is a total food replacement programme with intensive personal support
  • We have a phenomenal success rate and safety record
  • We tell you how quickly you will lose the weight you want – then guarantee it

Most other diets do not offer anything like this.

Our Costs

Our weekly costs are less than some other nationally promoted diets. Some do claim to charge less on a weekly basis than we do BUT ….

  • With Howards Way, you save all your food and drink costs – this is often more than the Howards Way weekly costs.

Many other diets let you ‘nibble’ other food so you continue to have more food costs with them and your diet takes longer if you manage to stay on it at all. What’s the benefit  of money spent on a cheap diet that fails?

  • Not ‘cheating’ results in you achieving maximum weight loss – most diets that allow you to ‘nibble’ take longer so their total cost is higher
  • Some diets charge ‘extras’ – you need to include these in your calculations

Overall, Howards Way is a very inexpensive, cost effective and safe, guaranteed way of losing weight.  And you won’t find a better quality diet programme at a better price.

Ask us how quickly you will lose the weight you want

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