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 Howard’s Way Weight Program – Keri’s Story

Do Doctors Support Howard’s Way?

Is Howard’s Way a Safe Weight Loss Programme?

Howard’s Way is medically monitored, supported by and recognised by many medical experts.

It is compliant with government guidelines on Very Low Calorie Diets (VLCD’s) and is in partnership with many NHS G.P.’s and private practices.

After seeing a patient go through the Howard’s Way programme, G.P.’s will often refer other patients to Howard’s Way if they have three stone or more to lose.  Some G.P.’s have even become Howard’s Way patients themselves!

This is something we expect to see a lot more of in the future, as more G.P.’s have one of their patients on the Howard’s Way programme.

So the answer is Yes! Many doctors actively support Howard’s Way as a safe weight loss programme.

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