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Diabetes and Weight Loss

Howard’s Way VLCD Weight Loss for Diabetics

Being overweight is a condition that rarely comes on its own and Diabetes is high on the list of the increased risks of health problems. People with Type II Diabetes who are obese could be reducing their life expectancy by up to ten years according to ‘Diabetes UK’!

Diabetes and Weight Loss

If you have Type II Diabetes, there is now well published evidence to back up what we at Howard’s Way have witnessed for several years ….. that a sustained period of weeks on a Very Low Calorie Diet (VCLD), such as the Howard’s Way formula, is an excellent diet plan for Type II Diabetics.

With successful weight loss, Diabetics can find their condition completely reversed: A Newcastle University team led by Professor Roy Taylor, has discovered that Type II diabetes can be reversed by an extreme low calorie diet alone.  (Read the full report)

Weight Loss And Diabetes – What the Express Says

Jo Willey of the ‘Express’ reporting on Prof Roy Taylor’s report says “Eating a low-calorie diet for just four months can cure Type 2 diabetes. People who slashed the calories they ate each day had a far more significant improvement in their condition and in their general health than medication offered… They no longer needed life-saving insulin, the level of dangerous fat built up around their hearts was significantly reduced and their cardiac function improved.”     (Read the full article)

More Good News For Diabetics

It is reported by Leiden University Medical Centre in the Netherlands that the added risks of being Diabetic (and therefore at ‘increased risk’ of Cardiovascular and Ischaemic Heart Disease; Stoke and Peripheral Vascular Disease) can be improved when the patient’s Diabetes has been reversed.

In summary, if you have Diabetes Type II and are overweight, you can probably improve your health and life expectancy by losing weight.

Howard’s Way Experience With Diabetes and Weight Loss

Diabetes Type II patients looking for a suitable Diabetic Weight Loss Diet have found our VLCD (of 400 Calories per day for Ladies and 600 Calories per day for Gentlemen) an excellent method of controlling their calories for safe Diabetes weight loss, and have been delighted with the results.

Because of their condition, we ask them to be monitored by their G.P. and we have found with most patients, by the time they have completed 8 weeks or more on the Howard’s Way VLCD, their G.P. has taken them right off all diabetic medication.  For the few that don’t come off their medication, it is usually reduced and their long term prognosis appears to be improved.

Many G.P.s have referred Type II Diabetic patients to us at Howard’s Way.

N.B. Diabetes Type I: For people with Type I Diabetes the situation is not so clear cut. If your G.P. is keen for you to lose the weight in a controlled way and willing to give you that ‘extra’ monitoring that you would need, then you will be welcome on the Howard’s Way diet programme.

What To Do

  • Ask us how long it will take you to lose the weight you want – remember, we guarantee how long it will take you to lose the weight you want – if we are wrong, you continue FREE until you have lost that amount
  • Also ask us any questions you have about diabetes weight loss with Howard’s Way  - call us on 01923 773851 Mon – Fri 09:30 – 12:30
  • Ask your GP for his/her opinion too and how they can help you monitor and support your safe weight loss programme
  • Then sign up with Howard’s Way to start losing weight!
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