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Can I Exercise Whilst On The Programme?

Indeed, Should I Do More Exercise For Weight Loss Too?

Whilst on Total Food Replacement you may continue to exercise to the levels you have previously, but we do not recommend you get carried away with the cardiovascular by upping your levels.

  • Cardiovascular exercise is fuelled by calories (taken from carbohydrate under normal circumstances) which you are very low on whilst on a VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet)
  • Your body can only remetabolise fat at a certain rate to fuel your exercise. If you exceed the level of energy available, you will feel faint and, in some cases break down muscle tissue to fuel blood sugar needs
  • So you should keep your heart rate at half the your maximum for your age/sex. If, for example, you have a maximum heart rate of 180 bpm, only get to a max level of 90 bpm on any piece of cardiovascular equipment at the gym  or out running
  • It is a good practice to have a Total Food Replacement meal just after finishing your work out. This  helps to replace nutrients while your metabolic rate is raised to a good level
  • If you feel faint or in any way uncomfortable whilst exercising, stop and consult your G.P. and ask advice
  • If you are unfit and not used to exercise, then consult your G.P. before starting any exercise programme.

N.B. You don’t need to exercise for weight loss with Howard’s Way.  See our Healthy Living Tip Exercise To Lose Weight Too?

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